Nook Simple Touch running Top Hat

Cell phone screens are hard to read outdoors. For those of us over a certain age, even the "new" phones cause squinting. However, the Nook Simple Touch eInk reader is easy to read even in direct sunlight.

We have customized the Nook's operating system so that it supports the graphics and external GPS devices. Although Top Hat works on Dell Streak, Droid and Galaxy tablets, phones and other color screen devices, the eInk display of the Nook offers a better experience in sunny conditions when flying. Top Hat rocks!

Links for Top Hat on the Nook:

Top Hat forum

The terrain is now working on the Nook:

Here's a video of the Nook running XCSoar in direct sunlight -- it is significantly brighter than any LCD or phone screen I've seen:

Nook in cockpit hooked to CAI 302

Pros and cons of the Nook Simple Touch
(+) It is the clearest, best screen of any tablet or PDA I have used while flying
(+) The 6" screen makes all the touch-zones a little bigger and easier to hit
(+) You can connect with an IOIO OTG box to your logger (CAI 302, Nano, etc)
(+) If you land out, you have a e-book you can read

(-) you must root your Nook (learn about root)
(-) the Nook does not have a built-in GPS so you have to either hook it to your logger or external GPS
(-) the Nook does not have sound (although it is possible to connect a sound device to it)
(-) the CPU of the Nook can be a little sluggish when panning
(-) it is too large for some instrument panels