Maps, waypoints, airspace files for older versions of Android


  • Nook
  • PC
  • Any device not connected to the Internet
  • Custom map files

If your device is connected to the internet (except Nooks), Top Hat will download maps, waypoints and airspace files directly. Click here for instructions.

If your device is not connected to the internet (or is Nook) then follow the steps below to get your maps, waypoints and airspace files.

1. Get your Map files

Top Hat uses the same map files as XCSoar. You can download maps of most areas for Top Hat
If you don't see the region you want, you can create a custom map by entering latitude and longitude at the

After you download your map (*.xcm) file, copy it to your phone's sdcard into the folder called XCSoarData. On the PC, the XCSoarData folder will be located in your My Documents folder.

2. Get your waypoint and airspace files

Top Hat uses waypoint and airspace files available from
  • Waypoints can be either Cambridge (.dat files), or See You (.cup) files.
  • Airspace can be either Newport Peace (.sua files), or OpenAir (.txt files).
Download the files from Soaring web and copy them to the XCSoarData folder on your phone's SD Card (or in the My Documents folder if you are running on a PC).

3. Start up Top Hat, and click "Site Files" to select the files you just downloaded.

Now you're ready to fly!
If you are running Top Hat in simulator mode, drag the plane to simulate motion, and click on the Altitude Infobox to adjust your simulated altitude.