Download here

1. Get the Top Hat Soaring app:

Currently, Top Hat is available for Android and Kobo (the Nook uses the Android version). We plan to release it for Windows PDAs, but we want to iron out all the designs first to expedite the design and development process.

Get the latest from the Android (Google Play Store)
Or, if your device does not have access to the Play Store, download the app directly to your device:

Android & Nook
Kobo instructions

Nook users: if you are using the Nook you need to "root" the Nook before installing Top Hat. Click here for steps to root the Nook.

2. Get your map files, waypoint files and airspace files.

The Kobo and Android (except the Nook) allow you to download map and waypoint files from the Top Hat directly. Click:
  • Setup > Site files > Maps > Internet download
  • Setup > Site files > Waypoints > Internet download
  • Setup > Site files > Airspace > Internet download
If your device is not connected to the Internet or wifi (or you have the Nook or a PC), click here to download Waypoint, Airspace and Map files for Top Hat.

Nook users: the cities, streets and water on the maps will only show up if you go to the XCSoar Mapgen site and create a map marked with the 'Compress topology' option.